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Pomeroy True Blues are a Loyalist Marching Flute Band Established in 1945. Since then the band has grew in numbers and in stature now boasting a 35 strong membership. As mentioned in the "Orange Order" section of this site, our band was formed as early as 1945 to accompany and entertain the members of Pomeroy True Blues Loyal Orange Lodge (LOL 293) as they paraded on special occasions such as the Twelfth of July and other historical days in the year. The band and lodge have maintained very strong links up to the present day with many band members being members of the lodge. The band still uses the Orange hall (Bonn Orange Hall, Pomeroy) to practice in and the two groups have been financially supportive of each other when necessary. 
In recent years the bands Annual Parade and Competition alongside other Protestant Cultural Parades  in Pomeroy have come under scrutiny from - IRA/Sinn-Fein. They have tried with every means possible to stop any sort of protestant parade from taking part, clearly denying us our Civil and Religious liberties. Each year we have to apply to the Parades Commission to march along a route that our band has previously done for 50 years.  Each year we are rejected and prevented from progressing past 13- 15 Main Street, Pomeroy, which is clearly the main part of our route.  This does not stop us from holding our parade and we look forward to the day when our rights are restored. In recent times, Church parades have been permitted to attend Altedesert Church of Ireland church at the top of the town. This is some progress that is very much welcomed and we look forward to the day when we are able to parade the town on all occassions.
A copy of the Parades Commission's Determination can be read by clicking here.


All that we ask is to parade the town of Pomeroy in a peaceful and dignified manner, expressing our Protestant Culture and Heritage. In our view, that is not too much to ask!!!!

Some Interesting Facts
In 1991 a petition was signed to prevent the Orange Order from parading through the village of Pomeroy. It stated that the majority of the town opposed the parade.

A petition in support of an application to the Courts to have the a loyalist parade in Pomeroy banned provides another example. The applicant was supported by Mr Sean Beagly a Sinn Fein councillor in Cookstown. Mr Beagly was found to be a resident of the village of Carrickmore and not Pomeroy. Of 586 signatories to the petition 219 lived in Pomeroy. In other words the overwhelming majority, 367 were not "residents". Only 35 lived on the actual parade route. 77 signatories did not even live close enough to be in the same policing area. The applicant lived over half a Kilometre from the nearest point to the march. Most of the residents of Pomeroy had not in fact signed the petition.
Our Band
At present we are currently recruiting several new members, all whom are learning the flute. Some have come through the ranks and used to play the cymbols. Band Practice is ongoing all year round so that we can get ready for the incoming season. At the moment we already boast fairly strong numbers in the following areas:

Colour Party, 5,
Drummers, 6
Base - Drummers, 2
Cymbols, 2
Fluters, 19
Black Thorne, 1
The band was formed in 1945 and is one of the oldest flute bands in Northern Ireland. We are regularly referred to as the 'PTB'. Today the band has been totally revolutionised comparing back only 20 years. This is a picture of some young recruits wearing our old uniform in 1993.

Old Uniforms 1993
Our Old Uniforms in 1993.
These uniforms were about for many years, although many of the current members would not remember them. They consisted of blue trousers and blue Jacket. Underneath a white shirt was worn and accompanied with a red tie. Also was worn was a blue hat with white hackle. In the middle of the 1990's the band purchased a brand new 'Guard's Style' uniform which is still in use today. The then new uniform encouraged many new members and has since gave the band some of the best days to date. It consists of a light blue jacket with navy trousers, keeping with the theme 'True Blues'.

12th of July 1995, CoaghThe picture to the right shows us on Parade at the Annual Twelfth of July Celebrations in Coagh, County Tyrone (1995), wearing our new uniforms. This was one of Pomeroy's best seasons at which stage the Band had over 25 fluters' and 8 drummers on parade. Twelfth of July in Coagh 1995.

Some of the current (older!!!) members have been with the band since its formation over 50 years ago. It's surprising the dedication and commitment that they bring to the band. They also have children, nephews, and nieces in the band.

Our band has always been made up of large family names, which fill the town and country roads of Pomeroy. For many years now the band has been filled with generations of the same families. This is what makes the history of our band so special and the current influx of new recruits has come about because of parents or relatives already in the band or were in the band in the past.

Although there are some members from neighbouring towns of Dungannon and Cookstown, the majority of the members are from the Pomeroy area.


The band comes from a wee town called Pomeroy, situated between Dungannon and Cookstown, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

There is also a direct route from Omagh, that brings you though Sixmilecross. Therefore making Pomeroy very accessible from all areas of Northern Ireland.
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